Lead, follow or get out of the bloody way!

Each time MPs regroup for another session of Parliament and PM’s Questions, I find myself drawn on a weekly basis to tune in to watch the mental sparring between PM and Leader of the Opposition. I love seeing how the lead players perform under real pressure, the cut and thrust of the attacks and counter attacks, the rising noise of the parties when their leader lands a blow to their opponent. And in the background, the gormless, irritating look on Ed Balls’ face as he makes his weekly ‘flat-lining’ hand gesture to the PM. It makes for good entertainment, but does it serve any real purpose?

Inevitably, the accusation from the Opposition is centred on the Government failing to deliver growth. They’ve focused on austerity, they’ve cut too far and too fast, they don’t have a Plan B. Whether they have or they haven’t is academic in my opinion, because I’m bored, yes really bored, of almost everybody seeing growth as the job of the government. I run a small business of about 50 people and the only person I hold accountable for success or otherwise is me. Not the government, not the Bank of England, not the EU, not the ruling party or the opposition. No, it’s me. Well, and my fellow directors. And the staff. And my clients. And everyone else that has a stake in the success of my business. But it’s not the job of the government. I own my performance and I own my results.

So by the time I’m Prime Minister, I will be advocating the following:

1) If your business isn’t growing, spend time thinking about how you can make your products or services better than those of your competitors.

2) If your core market is in decline, find a way into some better growth markets. Go fishing where the fish are.

3) Model yourself on others than are more successful than you. Mirror what they do and how they do it and notice the results.

4) Take action! Throw yourself into it like your whole life depends on it. Because, you know what, it does.

5) Never, ever give up.

If you too are bored of the economy ‘flat-lining’ please share my little lecture here with others and feel free to give me a call. Maybe we can do some business together.

Greg Ellison